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Motivations from the Weight Watchers community boards…

The next time you are feeling that Weight Watcher’s is “Too Hard”. The next time you feel journaling, weighing and measuring food is “Too Hard”. The next time you feel exercising is “Too Hard”. The next time you think waking up early on a Sunday morning to weigh in and stay for your meeting is “Too Hard”.

I say the next time you feel “This is Too Hard” consider how hard it was/is to:

Shop in Specialty Clothing Stores (Layne Bryant, The Avenue, Catherine’s) your choices are limited.

Missing Out on Pool Parties because you’re too embarrassed to wear a bathing suit in front of your friends.

Not being able to wear your favorite outfit because it’s too small.

Not wanting to hug those close to you because you don’t want them to feel your rolls of fat.

Not going to the movies, because squeezing into the seats for 90 minutes is too uncomfortable.

Not dancing at weddings because you don’t want people staring at the “fat chick” on the dance floor.

Not attending family gatherings because you don’t want people to see how big you’ve gotten.

Not going to a picnic or summer barbeque because you’re afraid the lawn furniture won’t hold you.

Not attending your high school reunion because you don’t want old boyfriends seeing how much weight you’ve put on. Or old friends thinking “what happened to her?”

Not riding on amusement park rides with your kids because you can’t fit in the safety harness or the seat.

Not fitting in the booth at your favorite diner because there isn’t enough space between the bench and the table for you to sit.

Having to ask for a seatbelt extension on the airplane.

Yes, journaling, weighing and measuring your food, exercising, and attending weekly meetings is hard but being over weight is much harder and so much lonelier.



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