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As I’m copying over my older posts from my previous blog(s), it’s amazing how often I seemed to write about having sinus issues.  I used to have sinus infections multiple times every year, way too frequently, that would pretty much wipe me out for at least a week each time.

In November 2009, the week after I got laid off from my job, I finally had tubes put in my ears at age 32, and since then I’ve had much less frequent sinus issues.  I was just talking with my husband this morning and we could think of maybe 3 times I’ve had a true sinus infection since the surgery and even those times I was sick but nothing compared to how I used to be pre-surgery.

Hopefully that means that I won’t be able to use my sinuses as an excuse for not working towards bettering myself 🙂

All I can say is that even if you’re a parent yourself, it’s never too late to consider getting tubes in your ears if your ENT suggests it!

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