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With a new job comes a new re-dedication and determination…

I started a new job at the beginning of May.

No, I can’t tell you how much weight (or inches) I have lost since I started the job, but I no longer have to drive over an hour in traffic each way to/from work.

Just over 2 weeks ago we relocated from the office where they had been for a number of years to a facility owned by our parent company…and there I have access to a free onsite gym (open 7 days/week, albeit in another building on the property) AND a 50% discount to join Weight Watchers…and they have on-site Weight Watchers at Work, so I don’t have to seek out a location after work just to be able to go.

This past week I attended a meeting for the first time, just to see what current meetings are like, and to try to decide if I wanted to sign up. I ultimately decided to sign up because, even though I don’t know how it is ultimately going to work with my Insulin-Resistant PCOS, but I like the idea of having a community and a group of folks that I can talk to who are also trying to get healthier. So, right now I am currently logging my food in both the WeightWatchersapp and the SparkPeople one so that I have all the information to see how my macros are looking. 🙂

I haven’t attended the gym since I attended the required orientation to get access, but I definitely plan to in the near future! (I did, however, go for a 1.1 mile walk outside at lunch one day this week, so my goal is to walk during lunch and eventually start going to the gym either after or before work)

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