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Don’t think just about what being healthy would be worth, think about how much you would save…

Like I titled this post, I need to stop thinking so much about what being healthy would be worth, think about how much you would save – not just saving your years, saving your health, but also with saving you money. You might spend more in the immediate for a gym membership, workout clothes, nutritionist, Weight Watchers, etc., but in the longterm you will benefit – mentally, health-wise, and financially.

You might be thinking, “okay I get mentally and health-wise, but financially?”….well, yes…

What got me thinking about that was when I drove through Arby’s for lunch today. My husband was working, and I was hungry, and I decided an Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich sounded good. Without thinking, I ordered my meal and then immediately ordered an extra sandwich. Not because I was hungry, but rather out of habit, instinct, whatever you want to call it… Fortunately, it meant that I can tell my husband that I actually ordered it for him, and he’ll eat it when he gets home from work, but, even though I’m not hungry enough to eat a second sandwich, I had ordered one anyway…not thinking, not intending to, but still wound up spending $2.99 more than I had originally intended.

Fortunately, we’re not cash strapped where a $2.99 sandwich will break the bank, but it made me think about how much over time those extra food items accumulate to cost.

I’m posting this here as a reminder to myself that even if I decide to join a gym or pay for another nutritionist (when I can find one in my area), that those out of pocket costs now will save money later when I won’t order any extra items, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

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