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MapMyWalk – 9/30/2013

Nice quick lunchtime walk at work today – started MapMyWalk+ at my desk and stopped it there as well – looks like it counted stairs too 🙂


Distance:  0.76 miles
Duration: 14:40
Pace: 19:24 min/mile


I also discovered (by measuring on my way out of the building this afternoon) that from my cubicle/desk on the 2nd floor, down the hallway,  down the stairs, down another hallway, working my way to the outside, then all the way around the building on the outside, and then back to my desk via the same route I took when I exited is .76 mi (It’s .11 from my desk to the outside of the building, so by golly I’m counting that since it’s a decent hike taking the direct route…  Hmm…next time I might have to take a more scenic exit route and see if I can get it up to a full mile, or add on the 2nd building and see what that would take it up to 😀

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