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Restaurants offer too much of a bad thing” – my take

Restaurants offer too much of a bad thing
Cut portion sizes, get rid of fat-laden side dishes, health officials say
(Associated Press)

Those heaping portions at restaurants — and doggie bags for the leftovers — may be a thing of the past, if health officials get their way.

The government is trying to enlist the help of the nation’s eateries in fighting obesity. One of the first things on their list: cutting portion sizes.

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The article seems to focus on fast food, but yet it mentions doggie bags? When was the last time you saw somebody eat at a fast food restaurant, get the supersized meal, and then take part of it home? I don’t eat fast food very often, but unless it was a to-go order, I can’t think of the last time I saw somebody taking part of their meal home other than maybe their soda pop.

Although the article doesn’t go into the doggie bag aspect of the initial teaser paragraphs, I think that they’re a great idea. If you know that a particular meal is going to be too large for you to eat, what’s wrong with asking for a to-go box with your meal, or even with you meal, having had the waiter/waitress go ahead and divide your meal for you, if need be? I do that lots of times, especially when we go out to eat at Provino’s. I know that a portion is too much food for me to eat at one sitting so I get a to-go box shortly after the food, and go ahead and divide my dish up. Then, if I still have any food after I’m through eating my portion (which I usually do), that goes into the box as well. Want rolls with that? Sure the garlic buttered ones are yummy, but I’ll ask for the plain ones (since my daughter prefers those) and maybe I’ll dip a torn off piece or two into the bowl with the sauce that dropped off of my husband’s rolls, but rather that than just add to the calories I know ahead of time (I consider myself at least a semi-educated consumer since I don’t know the exact nutrition information there, rather just the average for similar dishes) and I want to make sure that I monitor what goes into my mouth.

Whether from the “Supersize Me” movie or just from common sense, I hope that people know better than to think that eating out/having delivered/driving through is healthy if they’re doing it on an everyday basis. At least that’s what I hope…wouldn’t surprise me if people still refuse to acknowledge that though… *sigh*

P.S. Did you know that a Big Mac, medium Coke and large fries from McDonald’s contain a total of 1,340 calories, more than half the recommended daily calories for both men and women?? Talk about yikes! And no, not eating for the rest of the day before and/or after that is NOT a good idea!

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